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Nov 01

Opie & Anthony Meta Site SHARE buttons


So there are some new buttons on The Opie & Anthony Meta Site that will easily allow you to share pages on various social media web sites. The buttons will let you share on: Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Tumblr. If you have any issues or problems, hit me with an @ mention on twitter: @rexkramer1.

Share buttons

Jun 14

More ways to instant feedback

Testing some new ways to send instant feedback to the studio.

Give these a try…

New web form: http://opieandanthony.me/instant-feedback/
Email: feedback@opieandanthony.me
Twitter: Tweet with a mention of @oafeedback
SMS/Text: 717-744-8560

May 06

Opie & Anthony SiriusXM new channel


Reminder, The Virus - featuring The Opie & Anthony Show and The Ron & Fez Show has changed channel numbers on SiriusXM. The new channel numbers are: XM 105 / Sirius 206.

(Source: opieandanthony)

May 17

oawowpics #WhipEmOutWednesday

Just launched: http://oawowpics.tumblr.com (NSFW).

After a few image sites went deleting some really good #WhipEmOutWednesday pictures, I decided to start a NSFW site for submitting WOW pics via:

Only submit pictures of YOU or your significant other. DO NOT submit pictures from: google image searches, porn, underage models, cam girls, man boobs, etc.

If you want to be linked back to your Twitter, please be sure to send it as the subject of the email or include it as a caption in the web upload.

Feel free to submit at anytime, I will queue up the posts and publish on Wednesdays.

Feb 27

Opie & Anthony’s We Are The World


  • Mustard
  • Club Soda Kenny
  • Roland
  • Uncle Paul
  • Tank Hankerous
  • The Virus
  • Stalker Patti
  • Lyle “Chip” Chipperson
  • Bobo
  • “Steve C”
  • Big A
  • Pat from Moonachie
  • Ted Scheckler
  • Opie
  • Sandy Kane
  • Autotune Kenny
  • Master Po
  • Annoying Guy from Krock
  • Bobo Sprinstein
  • Tippy Tom
Dec 11

Mustard Sings Creep

Oct 01

smarter instant feedback form

The instant feedback form will now “remember” your information after you submit a new feedback.

So when you visit day after day to post your inane feedback, you will not have to retype your name, location & email.

Give it a try & let me know if you experience any hiccups or issues.

EDIT: It seems that blackberries have issues “remembering.” I suspect that is because they use a shitty browser. My suggestion: get an iPhone.

Sep 21

lose the hole

more submissions are needed for jocktober & lose the hole. submissions can be made via http://losethehole.com

Sep 14

twitter trending, part 2

Added oatrends.tumblr.com to the menagerie of Opie & Anthony tumblrs.

It gives you a quick twitter snapshot of Opie & Anthony trending as well as  @ replies to Opie, Ant & Jim.

If you have any ideas for other O&A tumblrs, contact me on twitter: @rexkramer1.

Sep 10

shortened urls

If you have trouble remembering url’s, I just registered some short urls for the oafeedback tumblr:



Tell your friends.

Visit the new Opie & Anthony Meta Site: